Current Job Opportunities

Telesat employs multi-talented professionals who are among the best in their fields. We believe it takes people with different backgrounds and experiences to round out our team to perfection.

We are looking for people who are:

  • Highly skilled and motivated;
  • Committed to excellence and innovation;
  • Effective team players; and
  • Seeking a challenging career opportunity that will provide growth on a personal and professional level.

Explore one of the links below to take your career to the next level.

Job #Job TitleLocation
806245Satellite Operations Consulting Senior Engineer/Sp Ottawa, Ontario
806175Network Analyst - L25 Ottawa, Ontario
804066Systems Engineer - Resource Management - L6Ottawa, Ontario
804086Human Resources GeneralistOttawa, Ontario
805115Senior Tax AccountantOttawa, Ontario
804084Human Resources AdministratorOttawa, Ontario
803282Help Desk AdministratorHanover, Ontario
803287TechnologistHanover, Ontario
799185(Senior) Systems Engineer -L1/L7/L12Ottawa, Ontario
801552LEO Systems Engineer - L2Ottawa, Ontario
801547Systems Engineer - L3Ottawa, Ontario
800042TT&C Systems Engineer - L39Ottawa, Ontario
800536InstallerOttawa, Ontario
791043Senior Business Planning AnalystOttawa, Ontario
800038Senior Earth Station Engineer - L11Ottawa, Ontario
800279Network Engineer (NMS & OSS) - L14 & L15Ottawa, Ontario
800275Senior Network Engineer - L16Ottawa, Ontario
800271(Senior) Bus Engineer - L31Ottawa, Ontario
800265Satellite Ops Systems Developer/Engineer L23Ottawa, Ontario
800080Senior Satellite Ops Systems Developer - L36Ottawa, Ontario
781788Network Architect Specialist - L9Ottawa, Ontario
779272Payload Engineering Specialist - L26Ottawa, Ontario
800019Senior Satellite Antenna Engineer/Specialist - L28Ottawa, Ontario
783230Senior Payload EngineerOttawa, Ontario
799189(Senior) Systems Engineer - L13Ottawa, Ontario

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