PRN Security


Position Status:PRN

Hours per week:as needed



JOB Description

JOB TITLE: Security Guard   DEPARTMENT: Facility Services 


HOURS: Any        SHIFT: Any              WEEKENDS: Possible



Protects the Harrisburg Medical Center facility and grounds including all Harrisburg Medical Center owned buildings and parking lots, deters and prevents vandalism and disruptions in the normal operations of the facility, keeps order in all hospital areas, escorts staff members and general public to their vehicles in the evenings and in general provides a safe and secure atmosphere. Perform special tasks as assigned by administration.




 Education:     High School graduate or equivalent

 Training:     3 weeks

 Experience:   None required


Job Knowledge: HMC policies and procedures, safety precautions, sources for emergency/disaster assistance, infra structure of HMC facility;emergency department policies and procedures. Must be competent at communicating with patients, employees and physicians of all ages. The staff member must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served on their assigned unit. The partner must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and process the ability to assess data reflective    of the patient's status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient's requirements relative to his or her age-specific needs, and to provide the care needed by the (neonate, pediatric, adolescent, or geriatric) patient group.



Responsibility For:  Security and safety on all Harrisburg Medical Center property.  


Physical Demands:    Stooping, climbing, running, standing for long periods of time, lifting extra                            heavy over 100lbs (assisting with patients or equipment), physically subduing an agitated patient or visitor.


Special Demands:   Tactfulness, good judgment, willingness and ability to work with others, mental                            alertness, concentration, ability to work under pressure, patience, courteous, ability to take orders from staff as  directed, initiative, confidentiality,good communications skills, sincerity and caring for peoples needs as may be required, good hearing and eye sight.