Beh Health Tech/Sitter- FT 36- 6a-6p

Department:Behavioral Health- Inpatient

Immediate Supervisor:Director of Behavioral Health

Position Status:FT

Hours per week:36



JOB DESCRIPTION                                                   

SHIFT: FT as scheduled                                                        WEEKENDS: Yes


JOB TITLE: BH Tech/Sitter            DEPARTMENT: Behavioral Health                                         

JOB SUMMARY: Receives existing RN report. Receives report from existing RN including any patient-specific behaviors to observe. Provides direct observation of the patient. Courteously greets patients, identifies self, and explains the purpose, maintains visual contact with the patient at all times. Provides support to the patient care team Ensures patient’s safety. Observes and reports to the RN concerns or changes in patient behavior. Promptly calls for assistance as needed. Does not leave the patient unless relieved by another staff member. Notifies RN if tubes, IV, catheter, etc. become disconnected. Reports equipment alarms in the patient room to the RN. Also performs under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse a wide variety of patient care activities and assigned duties for the comfort and well-being of patients as directed. Assists in the admission of patients take vital signs, participates in the implementation of the multidisciplinary treatment plan.







Education:                 High school diploma or GED, Basic Life Support (BLS)


Training                     Hospital orientation, SECURE Training, AHA BLS


Experience:                Preferred previous experience with patients in a hospital setting.


Job Knowledge:        Knowledge of Harrisburg Medical Center’s policies and procedures. Familiarity with Harrisburg Medical Center’s operation to the degree that unsafe conditions can be recognized discussed and corrected at 100% competency level. Knowledge of what is needed to provide a Safe Environment.



Responsible For:

Direct observation of the patient. Documentation every 15 minutes related to the observation of communication, actions, etc. Ensures patient’s safety. Observes and reports to the RN concerns or changes in patient behavior. Promptly calls for assistance as needed. Does not leave the patient unless relieved by another staff member.

Follows Hospital Policy regarding constant observation of patients.


Direct patient care: Taking vital signs as necessary, assisting with placing patients in seclusion and restraints as indicated; assists in patient and room search; providing special patient precautions; (i.e., 1:1, 15-minute checks for safety, seizure, elopement, etc.); assist with ECT in Operating Room; assist Activity Therapist on outings with patients. Assist with the admission of patients as directed by Registered Nurse, orientating new employees to unit and procedures; providing care by unit policies and procedures; assuming additional responsibilities and duties as assigned. Actively participates in therapeutic Milieu. Maintains confidentially of all patients whether in-patients or out-patients.


Assists coordination of tests and procedures

  • When working as a  Sitter, employee moves with the patient throughout their hospital stay.
  • Accompanies the patient to other areas of the Hospital for diagnostic tests or upon transfer to other units.
  • Transports patient belongings as required with the patient.
  • Keeps the patient room neat and orderly.
  • Maintains a safe, orderly and well-equipped environment.

Helps implement safety procedures.

  • When working as a Safety Sitter, the employee helps make the patient’s environment safe.
  • Evaluates patient’s environment for possible hazards and removes those hazards.
  • Promotes infection control. Washes hands before and after patient contact. Follows isolation procedures according to the Infection Control Policy.
  • Competently utilizes technology by demonstrating an understanding of the use of unit technology, i.e. call systems, bed controls, and TV controls, etc.


Physical Demands:    Must be able to sit for long periods. Able to fulfill the physical demand requirements of the job as stated. Visual, auditory and communication acuity. Able to lift 50 pounds or more in moving and lifting patients and equipment. Standing and walking most of the time on duty. Assist with combative patients in a “Code 10" situation. Visual and auditory acuity. Verbal communication clear and understandable. Capable of working under high levels of stress. Communication skills: active and passive roles, use of verbal and non-verbal communication as a therapeutic tool. I have extended work hours as needed to provide patient care.


Special Demands:      Capable of observing patient and remaining alert at all times while on duty.  No sleeping on duty as patient must be observed all times when working as a sitter.Ability to communicate with hospital staff and respond quickly to patient behavioral changes by reporting and summoning assistance. Ability to use discretion and courtesy when working with patients, visitors, and staff. Ability to de-escalate patients that are agitated with potential for violence. Ability to perform a variety of activities in an atmosphere of change. Handle stressful situations calmly. Participates in the identification, stabilization, and resolution of potential crisis. Must be able to identify when assistance is needed, and to secure assistance when needed. Project a positive public image to patients, family, and staff.


Perform other duties as assigned within their role parameters